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Fakta-Fakta Baru EXO #3

I created this based on Sukira Kiss the Radio on May, 7th 2012.

~ Nickname
                Suho                   : Jun Ma Hao – Because his real name is Kim Joon Myun and his fellow member EXO-M Tao always called him Jun Ma Hao instead of Joon Myun Hyung
                Baekhyun            : Byun Baek – Taken from his real name Byun Baek Hyun
                Chanyeol             : All the cartoon character, there’s also Yoda from Star Wars
                D.O                     : Eumma, Mother, Mama – He’s in charge of cooking in the dorm
                Kai                      : Kkamjong – Kai has a tan skin (Korean=kkam), and his real name is Kim Jong In. Kkamjong consist of Kkam+Jongin=Kkamjong.
                Sehun                 : Baek Gu – Name of one breed of dog in Korea which is white, Sehun has the fairest skin among the members.

~Ideal Girl Type
                Suho                   : Long hair, knowledgeable, also at the same time has an explosive character
                Baekhyun            : All Fans
                Chanyeol             : All Fans
                D.O                     : Didn’t have any specific criteria
                Kai                      : Han Ye Seul
                Sehun                 : Choi Ji Woo

~Role Models
                Suho                   : Super Junior
                Baekhyun            : Bruno Mars
                Chanyeol             : Jason Mraz
                D.O                     : Boys 2 Men
                Kai                      : Rio
                Sehun                 : DBSK

~EXO-K Age Lines
                1. Suho (Oldest, born in 1991)
                2. Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O (Consider as same age member as they were born in the middle of 1992, late 1992, and early 1993)
                3. Kai (Although both of Kai and Sehun were born in 1994, Kai is in early 1994 so he’s the hyung for Sehun)
                4. Sehun (The maknae, as he were born in the middle of 1994)

~Room Arrangement
Suho – Sehun
Baekhyun – Chanyeol
D.O – Kai

~EXO-K’s Favorite Song
                Suho                   : 4Men – Baby Baby
                Baekhyun            : The Ray’s - Farewell
                Chanyeol             : Jazzy Fact – Always Awake
                D.O                     : Travie McCoy - Billionaire
                Kai                      : Ne-yo – Part of the List
                Sehun                 : Justin Bieber - Baby

~More Fact
                - Sehun always does the wrong dance move and lyric
                - Suho changed the most before and after debut among the others
                - Baekhyun changed the most in the dorm, music program and in front of the fans
                - Baekhyun sounds like a sick person when he is sleeping, he can even woken up by his own sound
                - All the member in EXO-K agree that Sehun is the first based on appearance

credit: Sukira Kiss the Radio

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